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The Breakfast Club NJ Presents: “Selling Yourself” by Joey Himelfarb Saturday November 8, 2014 at 8:00am ET The Presentation: “Selling Yourself” Aristotle believed an important skill any person could have was the ability to influence. Have you ever had to

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Sony Pictures' computer systems were down for the second day in a row on Tuesday after hackers threatened to release files they claimed were stolen from the company's network. [...]
Wed, Nov 26, 2014, Continue reading at the source
Sales were down for many key products, but Meg Whitman, the chief executive, was upbeat about her plans to turn around the company. [...]
Tue, Nov 25, 2014, Continue reading at the source
While (most) tech start-ups have been on better behavior in 2014, there have been dozens of instances when they acted poorly, even unethically. [...]
Tue, Nov 25, 2014, Continue reading at the source
The privately held music streaming service said it had about $1 billion in 2013 revenue, and $80 million in net losses. [...]
Tue, Nov 25, 2014, Continue reading at the source

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