Month: August 2014

Communicating and Working the Plan

You have heard the comments from others, especially senior management. “Project management (PM) is simple blocking and tackling.” “All a PM has to do is work the plan.” Wow!! If it was that simple, the failure rate would not be

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Making a Good Presentation

Many people are troubled when they have to give a presentation in front of a large audience. It’s important to know that it’s normal to experience stage fright.Some presentations feel like magic and grab our attention. While enormous credit goes to

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The Interview Focus Is on Future, Not Past

Until about 1990, the conventional thinking was that if you did your job satisfactorily, you would keep it for many years to come. Several of my friends were AT&T employees in those days, and many of them had had seniority

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Developing the Plan

During a discussion with a colleague, the topic of the project schedule vs. the project plan came up. The first thing I did was thank my colleague for correctly stating that the tool we Project Managers (PM) use–MS Project–is the

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“A Call to Action” by Frank Kovacs

Saturday August 9, 2014 at 8:00am ET In 14 years of leading the Tri State area’s top networking group we have always strived to stay ahead of the curve and give job seekers and those wanting to manage their careers

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Do You Need to Backup Your Cloud-Stored Data?

Some organizations assume that because their enterprise data is already stored in “the cloud” that they do not need a separate backup solution for that data. That assumption is wrong. Cloud based solutions for data and application storage require the

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