Month: November 2015

Are you just looking for a job?

Are you just looking? No one needs to reiterate that today’s is a difficult job market that is unprecedented in recent times or that regrettably, many people are looking for jobs for extended amounts of time—sometimes for years! As a

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Interviewing is Emotional and Logical

Interviewing is a combination of art and science thus it has a part which is emotional yet another part which is logical. It very much reminds me a game of Chess. While the interview is typically amicable the “players” are

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Being Fired Is Like a Divorce . . .

Just fired so what now? . . . And based on today’s statistics, that doesn’t sound good. So many articles cover the fact that 50% of all marriages in America end in divorce. Interestingly enough, other articles say 50% of

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Monthly Meeting

The Breakfast Club NJ Presents : “The Interview: You Are Onstage” presented by Alex Freund Saturday December 12th at 8:00am ET Synopsis: “The Interview: You Are Onstage”” Alex Explains This presentation is highly participative by the audience. It identifies the

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In a PSO, should PMs be vocal regarding the projects they receive?

As project managers (PMs), we strive to be the best PMs we can be. In that vein, we also have projects or clients that we would like to avoid for various reasons. The project does not have the correct resources.The

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What Cloud “…aaS” Could Mean to You

Are you confused about what technology is in “The Cloud”? If so, you might also be confused by “aaS”. Simply, “aaS” is the acronym for “as a Service”. Delivering information technology “as a service” is a licensing model where the

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