Month: June 2017

Monthly Meeting

The Breakfast Club NJ Presents: “The Tech Megatrends” presented by Christina “CK” Kerley Saturday July 8th 2017, at 8:00am ET Synopsis: Please share this with other groups you may be in. Join us on at: to RSVP for

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How to Overcome Fear While In-transition

During my work with job seekers or those contemplating a job/career change, I evaluate the amount of fear that drives—or paralyzes—my clients. To some extent, all of them exhibit fear originated by some threat—or so they perceive. For a person

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10 Tips About Submitting Your Résumé

The adage “What you don’t know won’t hurt you” is very misleading, especially for people in transition or otherwise contemplating a career change. Not only is the contention untrue, but also it in fact hinders the ability to get what

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Are Telephone Landlines Obsolete?

CBS News recently published a story about a U.S. government study on May 4, 2017 reported that 50.8 percent of homes and apartments had only cell phone service in the latter half of 2016. It is the first time such households

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