Christina Kerley

About Christina “CK” Kerley:
Innovation Speaker & Futurist

Innovation speaker and futurist Christina “CK” Kerley pushes Fortune 500s ahead of the curve by guiding them through the 10+ emerging technologies that will disrupt and dominate the next 10 years.

Through her boundless energy and signature “edu-taining” style, CK engages executives around the next-gen tech, trends, and topics that enable them to future-proof their companies—and leapfrog their competitors.

She has been featured at Fortune 500s, including: Johnson & Johnson, Cisco, Microsoft, Verizon Wireless, Janssen, Sony, Prudential, The United Nations, The Ad Council, Neutrogena, Verisign, Bristol-Myers Squibb, The ANA, and The IAB.

A part-time faculty member at Rutgers Business School for Exec. Education, her portfolio spans: Mobile, Wearables, The Internet of Things (IoT), Robotics, Big Data, Health Tech, Artificial Intelligence (AI), and the suite of Immersive Technologies (AR, VR, MR).

Based in New York City, for CK’s video clips, media, and more, go to: