Frank Kovacs

Frank Kovacs is the founder of The Breakfast Club NJ the top networking group in the Tristate area which is closing in on its’ 14th year and has over 4,000+ members and has helped over 6,000+ individuals land jobs. TBCNJ was founded following the 9/11 Tragedy to help those that were displaced from their jobs, however, the prolonged economic and financial problems that our economy and businesses have endured necessitated keeping the group and its’ mission alive beyond what was ever envisioned. It is comprised of volunteers who “pay forward” their assistance on techniques that help give a job seeker an “edge” at each step of the job search process, and then we added many ways social networking could be leveraged through yahoo groups, LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, google+ and others. Frank also added a weekly Radio show, You’re Career is Calling, that he has delivered at Rider University every Sunday going on 4 years.

Frank’s vocation is as a Technology Executive who has spent close to 30 years directing some of the largest global transformations for the marquee names in the business – AT&T Bell Labs, Citigroup, AIG, JP Morgan Chase, Bowne, Medco, GSi Commerce/EBay, McGraw Hill and Ernst & Young. Most recently Frank built one of the largest and most successful Cloud Practices in the world and sold then directing the largest migration ever to Cloud for Nasa’s 1900+ websites Now Frank runs Digital Business, Frameworks, and Transformations for the largest Business Process Outsourcer in the business which includes the disrupting technologies of Cloud, Mobile, Social, Big Data, Robotics, Gamification, and Cybersecurity.

Given Frank’s work in these two areas (Technology Major Transformation Executive/Career Management Expert) and hear first-hand the presentation that he has developed, “A CALL TO ACTION”. The way business is done is changing dramatically. What jobs there are, what responsibilities these jobs have, which firms will be able to define and execute these new Digital Business Models better than their competition is going to lead to the biggest change in the way we do business and work. Many firms just aren’t going to successful make the transition Come and hear this message first hand so you can start preparing today to position yourself effectively in what will be a much different environment The change is already started and underway.