Rick Simmons

Rick Simmons is Chief Solutions Officer at SimmonsOnlineSolutions. With over 15
years online with various aspects of internet marketing. Rick has watched the
evolution of the internet first hand. Rick was previously Sales Director at
Educational Directories developing Internet marketing for colleges and
universities. He was also Sales Director at Investor Broadcast Network, one of the
first companies to distribute information online, 7 years as a partner in an online
marketing firm and now 2 years with his own firm. With 30+ years in advertising,
marketing and sales, Rick brings passion, engagement, and enthusiasm to his role.
He has a firm that works closely with the needs and goals of small – midsized
organizations that need help with their internet marketing. Not only does he
know how Internet marketing Search Engine Optimization and Social Media can
help your business reach new customers, he’s good at explaining why. Whether it
is jumping an email marketing campaign by 20%, or helping a client decide on
options for social media – Rick works hard to insure you have the best data and
options to make an impact.