Valerie Williams

Valerie S Williams identified her career after playing with her Texas Instrument computer hooked up on a little black and white TV. During middle school she interviewed a woman who worked at Radio Shack about women working in the computer field. She decided to and did become a programmer by earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. She began teaching computer skills and worked on projects programming in Lotus Notes and Microsoft Access. After her first transition and networking with high school friends Valerie changed careers by moving into a new industry and working with new technology in a start-up company. After her second transition and networking, her new position led her to manage multiple programming teams and several support groups with international team members. During this time, Valerie became certified as a Project Manager Professional and supported her team to work on their own professional development. During Valerie’s third transition she learned the process for looking for a new career changed and she is currently working as a contractor as she finds her next career. While attending multiple networking events and seminars though she heard many great speakers, each of which focused on a specific topic. To help manage all of the tasks in looking for a new career she created a list of things to do and tips that she picked up from each speaker. Valerie will share of these tasks and tips with you today.