Andy O’Hearn

Andy O’Hearn is a communications leader and “dot-connector / pattern-recognizer” who translates ambiguity into action via engaging and memorable corporate narratives. His business and consulting experience spans start-up ventures to industry-leading international companies. He is also a highly adept LinkedIn trainer, coach and advocate.

Andy also brings to the table more than 10 years of digital marketing and social media coaching and development, and has also completed postgraduate coursework in law, library/information science, digital marketing / analytics / pay-per-click, and career coaching.

Although Andy’s 5,100+ LinkedIn connections rate him as a LinkedIn super-connector and power user, he stresses that, “It’s not about adding connections, but rather, building relationships.”

Andy is currently with Bayer Pharmaceuticals in Whippany, NJ, supporting the data science and analytics training and communications team. He also recently completed a six-course Business and Managerial Communication/PR Certificate at Rutgers University.