Rod Colon

Rod Colon 732.367.5580
ETP Network Founder and CEO Rod Colón has a unique perspective on what it takes to succeed in today’s global economy. Rod shares his 24 years of experience as a corporate HR management insider, outside agency recruiter, professional networker and career coach through an unusual yet common sense approach to networking and career management. His in-depth knowledge of international staffing, recruiting and networking gives Rod a unique ability to both coach and consult today’s professionals and executives around the world.

Today the ETP Network (1600 members and 12 million LinkedIn professionals) leads the way in the education of networking as a core career management activity through networking events, career coaching programs, conference calls, training seminars, job openings, channel partnering and networking libraries. Rod encourages ETP Network members to share their networking experiences and questions through a Q & A-style conference call and urges each members to become proficient with networking-oriented applications such as LinkedIn, Yahoo Groups, and Facebook.

Rod is currently working on his first book, Win the Race for 21st Century Jobs: Put CEO Power Into Your Job Search and Your Career, which discusses the need for networking and human relationships as a major part of any job search strategy.