Author: Alex Freund

Don’t be Fooled by the Job Description

As an executive job coach, an important part of my job is training my clients how to prepare for interviews. During this training, I am often handed the job description relevant to the interview. Most often I caution my clients

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What can we learn from watching the Crystal Ball?

Last night I read a magazine on which issue the front page has a heading “The Permanent Temporary Workforce”.  Their in-depth section The Disposable Worker highlights several facts.  Most of them are expressing the negativity that currently exists in the

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It’s Counterintuitive for Job Seekers

It would be interesting to review a few perceptions that job seekers have on issues stemming from feelings rather than from thinking. Such perceptions are based more on gut feelings rather than logic. Examples follow. The interview is about me.

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Social Media: So, What Is It for People in Transition?

There’s no newspaper or magazine nowadays that does not devote some space to the fast-developing new phenomenon called social media. My explanation for this is very simple: Let’s say you invite some people for a social gathering to take place

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The Trauma of Unemployment

The emotional stress associated with unemployment is understood only by those who are unemployed. Often, even people closely associated with the unemployed such as spouses or other family members don’t fathom the emotional pressure and pain that settles in on

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Conventional or Behavior-Based Interviewing?

A job interview has been scheduled for you, but do you know what types of questions you’ll have to answer? This is the dilemma most candidates face. Don’t panic. You can prepare for various types of questions, and I’ll give

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Interview answers must be short. Know why?

I’m not sure whether you’re like me. I’ve stopped reading! I read no more. I skim and browse and hover over the surface of words, and when I find something interesting, only then do I dig in and absorb the

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Is Your Elevator Pitch Working?

I frequent job search networking groups where people stand up and recite what’s called the elevator pitch. Ideally, people are supposed to be able to concisely sum up unique professional aspects about themselves in a way that intrigues and excites

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Can YOU Control the Interview?

Think what the interview is all about. Sorry, but it’s not about you. It’s about the interviewer’s perception regarding your fit into the organization’s culture combined with your ability to perform the job very well. No interviewer is looking for

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