Getting Started

Take Stock of Yourself

  • Identifying skills, abilities, work experience, values, and work preferences to achieve a good job match
  • Identifying potential references – people who can and are willing to confirm your good performance on the job, and other activities

Assessing What Do Employers Want?

  • Identifying job-specific skills and transferable career competencies to convince employers of appropriateness for the job
  • Using a variety of career planning resources to help in choosing and validating appropriate career and job goals
  • Preparing to qualify for two closely related career goals that require similar skills and training in order to increase your career flexibility
  • Using visualization, brainstorming, personal reflection, and other techniques to set your career target
  • Developing a portfolio of items to demonstrate job qualifications for prospective employers
  • Collecting items that will demonstrate job qualifications for prospective employers

Branding – ME, Inc.!

  • Communicating effectively through a one of the most misunderstood mediums – The Resume
  • Developing a Marketing Plan
  • Business Cards
  • 60 Second Commercial/Elevator Pitch