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The Breakfast Club NJ Presents: “Body Language for Job Seekers – Virtual and Live” presented by Eileen N. Sinett

Saturday June 13th at 8:00 AM

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Presentation: “Body Language for Job Seekers – Virtual and Live”

This presentation addresses body language best practices for live and virtual communications. Humans take in and process information consciously and unconsciously about EVERYTHING, but see, hear and sense, SELECTIVELY.  When it comes to meeting someone new for the first time, how you look and sound, smell, listen, dress and behave, matter as much as what you say, don’t say or how you say it.
Do you answer a question in 2 minutes or take ten?  Are you fidgety, stiff or relaxed?  Are you comfortable with your voice and/or image?  Though people react to these aspects differently, the fact is they do react.  We are more than our bodies, yet knowing some basics for managing them in interviews, presentations and networking, can support your communication confidence and “performance.”

About the speaker:
Eileen N. Sinett is a communications specialist who helps professionals communicate at their best.  As consultant, trainer-facilitator and coach, she focuses on growing clients’ communication confidence and performance.

For over 30 years, Eileen’s company, Speaking that Connects, has served individuals from various industries — pharmaceutical, legal, healthcare, financial, technology and non-profit organizations — to enhance the impact of their presentations, networking speeches, interviews, keynotes, trade show conversations and interpersonal relationships. Her mission is to promote speaker confidence, message clarity and audience connection.

Eileen has a Masters of Arts in Speech from Kean University and her Bachelor of Science degree is in the Communication Sciences from Emerson College, Boston. She has advanced training in Improvisation and Psychodrama and when not speaking or coaching, is taking tap-dance lessons, gardening, volunteering at a local theatre and attending live jazz events.

About the Meeting:
Topic: The Breakfast Club of New Jersey
Time: June 13th, 2020 07:45 AM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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RSVP By RSVPing – you help us to determine interest in our group and help plan future topics.

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